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Because you deserve to spend as much time on the water as possible,

WHILE SPENDINGthe least amount of money.



We help make bay fishing as fun and enjoyable as possible by taking the stress and expense of owning a boat out of the equation. Instead, we offer our members access to an entire fleet of boats all waiting to take them to their greatest fishing story yet.

Perks & Promiseswe stand by.

Pick Your Boat

You'll look sharp in any of our premiere Epic boats, whether you're choosing based on the purpose of your trip, your budget, or the size of your group. As a bonus, 100% of your dues apply to your boat use fees.

We Manage

When you own your own boat, unforeseen damages, maintenance costs, and repairs are unwelcome surprises. Here, your dues ensure the quality of your fleet and cover insurance and towing.

Multiple Pick-Up

Not interested in hauling a boat all along the Texas coast? Our clubs have been established in strategic locations to put you right on the best fishing spots.

Make Your Own

Members can use our boats as much or little as their schedules allow anytime day or night, in 6 or 12 hour increments. And, our monthly dues are low, so you aren't penalized if you don't get to fish.

Clubhouse Perks

Where else can you hang out with other passionate fisherman? Our exclusive clubhouse will impress your friends and colleagues and make you a better angler.

Fishermen come in all shapes and sizes and so do we. Here’s four options for membership.



Basic Angler Plan

  • Initiation Fee: $2000
  • Monthly Dues: $200
  • +Access To Boats
  • +Members-Only Facebook page
  • +Fish-a-lot discount

Pro Angler Plan

  • Initiation Fee: $3500
  • Monthly Dues: $350
  • + Access to boats
  • + Fish-a-lot discount
  • + Extra 15% off all boat use
  • + Seabrook Clubhouse access
  • + Members-Only Facebook Page

Family Upgrade

  • Initiation Fee: Add $500
  • Monthly Dues: Add $50
  • + Choose Basic or Pro Angler Plan
  • + Add a family member
  • + 21-year age minimum

Corporate Plan

  • Initiation Fee: $5000
  • Monthly Dues: $500
  • + Boat access for multiple members
  • + Fish-a-lot discount
  • + Extra 15% off all boat use
  • + Seabrook Clubhouse access
  • + Members-Only Facebook Page
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