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Our flagship location is a 1.3 acre historical property on the Kemah/Seabrook boat channel, 500 yards from the Seabrook boat ramps. The property has 25-foot elevation views (from oyster shells piled decades ago) and features a 1950’s vintage hilltop clubhouse.

The Vintage Clubhouse

Louis John Muecke came to Seabrook in 1919 with a 16 foot powerboat and 10 fishing skiffs to start his boat rental business. In August 1920 his brother Wes opened Muecke’s Place, which became a famous mecca for fishermen until the 1970s.

Sons Louis Jr. and Kenneth owned Muecke’s Seafood, providing fish and oysters to restaurants throughout the United States.

Our flagship location sits on top of “Muecke’s Mountain”, the historical site of the oyster operation. It is called a mountain because oyster shells and bricks were piled 25 feet high. The clubhouse is the original Muecke brothers poker room and cigar parlor. Our club offices were their original offices, where supposedly an all-cash business was conducted and a machine gun remained on a tripod for protection (hence the reason for the mountain).

The Boats

There are 3 different models of premier fishing boats at this location: 21sc, 23sc, and 25sc.

All boats will be powered by Evinrude (150-225-300hp) and fully optioned for fishing, with T-Tops, Power Poles, Trolling Motors, Lowrance (21 ft), Dual SimRad (23,25 ft), Re-circulating LiveWell, Deluxe Stereo, loaded on aluminum trailers and ready to haul to your favorite launch. Click the button for ‘Boat Specs’ next to each boat to see how each boat is outfitted.

21sc SEA FOAM Specs/Pics
23sc ocean blue Specs/Pics

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